HOLIC Workshop 2016

General Information

The Workshop on Logic, Language and Translation will take place on 26 Febrary, 2016, Beijing.

Besides the general academic exchange, one of the main purposes of this workshop is to advance our larger project, the production of the Handbook of Logical Thought in China, to be published by Springer-Verlag both online and in print in a few years. We invite experts in language translation, and the Handbook area editors, to dicuss the best ways of preparing the final texts both in Chinese and in English, to facilitate the next translation stage.

Organizing Institution: Tsinghua-UvA Joint Research Centre for Logic, Beijing, China


  • Liu Fenrong Tsinghua University,   Beijing
  • Jeremy Seligman   The University of Auckland
  • Zhai Jincheng   Nankai University, Tianjin

Invited Speakers

  • Wang Ning 王宁 Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University
  • Wei Xiaofei 魏啸飞 School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Miao Ju 苗菊 Department of Foreign Languages, Nankai University
  • Dan Robins    The University of Hong Kong
  • Yang Wujin 杨武金   Chinese Renmin University
  • Lee Jer-Shiarn 李哲贤 Yunlin University of Science & Technology,Taiwan
  • Tang Mingjun 汤铭钧   Fudan University
  • Tian Ligang 田立刚  Nankai University
  • Donald Sturgeon   The University of Hong Kong

Visa Information

If you are visiting from overseas, you will need a formal invitation letter in order to obtain a business (F-class) visa from your local Chinese Embassy or Consulate.  In case you are asked to give an address for your stay, please use: Jiasuo Hotel, University University, P.R.China 100084, Tel: +86-10-62782777


We will be using the following hotel. If you plan to stay in this hotel, please contact us and we will reserve it for you. If you have any special request concerning your stay or food, please let us know beforehand too.

Jiasuo Hotel 甲所宾馆
Price: RMB  480 per day \ single room
Price: RMB  480 per day \ twin room
Address: Tsinghua University, China

More information to follow soon.

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