History of Logic in China: Five Questions

Background of the Project

A number of experts in our field were invited to present their views in an easily accessible “interview” format, so as to help define the field in a way that is visible to the broader intellectual community and to give focus and momentum to research on the more general issues discussed at the first workshop.

Similar books have recently been published by Automatic Press / VIP in New York and London, edited by Vincent F. Hendricks and others. Topics include Formal Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, and Complexity. (See 5 Questions Series for a list.) Many of these have been best sellers and have received extensive attention in the broad philosophical community.

With this project, we hope to promote research in the history of logic in China and assist in the development of an international research community.

The 5 Questions

  1. Why did you begin working on history of Chinese logic in China?
  2.  What is the best way to define your area in terms of historical period, textual sources, methodology or other factors?
  3.  What is your favorite example of logical acumen by an early Chinese thinker?
  4. In your opinion what is the most difficult or problematic aspect of studying logical thinking by Chinese in the past?
  5. Which other areas of study could benefit from a better understanding of Chinese logic, or vice versa? (For example, other aspects of the history of Chinese thought, the relationship between early and later study of logic in China, or the relationship with other branches of philosophy such as the philosophy of science, ethics, etc.)

The book will be published in English. We would like to produce a similar volume in Chinese later.

People Involved

  • Liu Fenrong   Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Jeremy Seligman   The University of Auckland, New Zealand


  • Rens Bod   The University of Amsterdam
  • Cheng Chung-Ying   The University of Hawaii
  • Cui Qingtian   Nankai University, Tianjin
  • Dong Zhitie   Beijing Normal University, Beijing
  • Chris Fraser   The University of Hong Kong
  • Dan Robins   The University of Hong Kong
  • Fung Yiu-ming   Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  • Jane Geaney   The University of Richmond
  • Chad Hansen   The University of Hong Kong
  • Christoph Harbsmeier   The University of Oslo
  • Ju Zonglin   Central Minzu University, Beijing
  • Lee Hsien-chung   National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Lee Jer-shiarn   National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • Michiel Leezenberg   The University of Amsterdam
  • Thierry Lucas   Université Catholique de Louvain
  • Liu Peiyu   Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
  • Gregor Paul   Karlsruhe University
  • Shen Jianying   East China Normal University, Shanghai
  • Sun Zhongyuan   Chinese Renmin University, Beijing
  • Wang Kexi   Nanjing University, Nanjing
  • Yang Wujin   Chinese Renmin University, Beijing
  • Zheng Weihong   Fudan University, Shanghai
  • Zhai Jincheng   Nankai University, Tianjin
  • Zhou Shan   Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai
  • Zhou Yunzhi   Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

The volume has just appeared, see the Amazon Link.

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